Home Buyers Drainage Survey

Home Buyers Drainage Surveys are now a sensible and standard practice in the UK when purchasing a property. Buildings surveyors recognise the true importance of these surveys and often advise clients buying domestic homes and commercial buildings alike, to ensure they have a drain survey carried out by a fully certified drainage surveyor.

Drain surveys should never be considered an additional expense, it is now considered to be one of the most valuable parts of the surveying process and as a result, shouldn’t be overlooked. Defective drainage systems are responsible for major structural defects in buildings including subsidence, something which can be avoided if problems are located and corrected in time.

Failing to have a drain survey carried out could result in significant costs at the expense of the property owner in order to correct any defects, not only to the drains themselves, but also to the property should any structural damage occur.

CCTV Drainage Surveyor

CCTV Drainage Surveyor

Additional Bonuses for a Home Buyers Drainage Survey

Drain surveys remain valid for 5 years and should be kept as a valuable historical record. Survey reports can be re-used within a five year period as part of a sellers pack meaning they retain their value.

Where properties suffer structural damage caused by defective drains, it can make resale of the property extremely difficult and a homeowner would certainly struggle to recuperate the full value of what was paid for or originally invested in the property. The cost of a survey is not only reasonable but pales into significance when you consider the potential financial troubles that could be uncovered if drains are left unchecked, resulting in serious damage to the property.

Your Report Includes

  • Structural Condition Reporting
  • Identification of Misconnections
  • Drainage System Ownership
  • Mapping of the Drainage System
  • Detection of Vermin Infestation
  • Accurate Location of Structural Defects

We will also include a copy of the CCTV footage taken during the survey on DVD which supports the data collected in your drainage survey report.